Healthy HR

Looking for support but unsure where to start or what is needed?

Use our free Healthy HR tool to check which areas of your business might benefit from HR support.


Simply answer the questions, add up your total number of 'Yes' responses and use the key below to see how healthy your HR is.  


Score of 7-16

Urgent action may be necessary on the areas highlighted, to minimise risk, bring the business in line with new legislation and become a best practice employer.


Score of 3-6

An amber score signals that, while there are satisfactory areas of the business, some areas will require attention soon or immediately to ensure compliance and minimise potential risk to your business and team.


Score of 0-2

It looks like you're on the right path. If you scored above 0, these may be indicators of areas which require some further guidance to help you become fully compliant with best practice and current employer legislation.



Do you have an annually updated and legislatively compliant contract in place?




Have all employees been given a written employment contract?

Job Descriptions

Do all employees have an up to date job description for their role?


Do you have an employee handbook in place?


Are the policies within your handbook up to date with current legislation?

Right To Work

Do you check your employee's right to work in the UK?


Do you have a policy in place for absence due to ill health?


Is there a policy in place for employees being absent without leave?


Do those hiring staff know how to conduct a fair recruitment & selection process?


Are written policies in place for disciplinary and grievances, within the ACAS code of practice


Is your team aware of how to conduct a fair disciplinary investigation and disciplinary meeting


Are you confident in the process for handling and resolving a grievance informally and formally? 

Health & Safety

Do you have a Health and Safety policy in place? 


All of your staff recieve at least the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage

Flexible Working

You are aware of flexible working rights and have an applicable policy in place


Is holiday pay calculated using the 52 week reference period for employees with variable hours?

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