SMB are making HR accessible, approachable and affordable for all

We recognise that each company is different and believe that all businesses should have access to effective HR support which is tailored to your business needs, size and budget. 

Your HR package is created by you. It's bespoke and transparent so you can be confident in our services and know there won't be any costly surprises. 


Our clients are often businesses without an HR department, require HR advice, or would like an additional HR resource to work alongside their existing HR team. 

You may be looking for one off advice with a tricky employee matter, HR outsourcing, assistance with policies, contracts, grievances, disciplinary or anything in between. Effective HR solutions are available to suit any level of support required.


Who we are

SMB was founded by Stacey Boatman, HR Consultant, with over 12 years previous HR experience across the UK, Middle East, Europe and America and within various industries such as; Healthcare, medical, elderly residential care, facilities, security, construction and trade industries. 


We recognise that each Company is unique in culture and employee structure.


Not only do we provide a tailored service but we work closely with clients to really get to know the business and your team. We continually assess business requirements and employee needs, ensuring we offer effective and current HR solutions. 

Contact us for a free consultation or for information on how our services can help you.