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Holiday and Quarantine

After months of isolation, the same scenery and unpredictable weather during lock down, people are eager to get away.

So it's no surprise that holiday requests are coming through thick and fast now that restrictions are easing (especially before the school term starts again in September).

The list of destinations for which a 14 day quarantine period is required on return to to the UK is subject to change. Sometimes very quickly.

It may be that an employee is aware of the 14 day quarantine period when booking their leave, that this is enforced on their holiday destination just before they travel or even whilst they are part way through their leave.

So what are the options for covering the quarantine period at work when an employee returns from holiday?

  1. Employers may request that the 14 day quarantine period is taken as annual leave where possible.

  2. Employees could be asked to work from home, if possible, during this quarantine period so they do not require additional leave to cover this time.

  3. Other options such as unpaid leave may be considered with the agreement of both parties.

What happens if an employee submits a leave request for a destination that is currently on the quarantine list?

Employers should consider whether they are able to accommodate the leave request, with the options above in mind.

If the employee does not have sufficient annual leave to cover the quarantine period, is unable to work from home or their work cannot be covered during this period, the request may be declined. However, employers are encouraged to be mindful of the circumstances surrounding the individual leave request before declining leave.

Communicate a link to the Government website to your team: so they can stay up to date with any changes to the list of countries with quarantine requirements.

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