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Have you seen our latest 'HR Know How' article in the November 2019 edition of Families Hertfordshire magazine?

We are pleased to have worked in collaboration with Families magazine to create this editorial HR Know How article for readers across Hertfordshire.

In the article Stacey Boatman, HR Consultant, provides a summarised overview of the importance of HR support for all businesses, no matter the size, shape or culture.

Emphasised in the article is the employment contract. Whilst it is possible to obtain a generic employment contract online, these often will not fit the culture, policies and working practices of the company. Leaving businesses and employees vulnerable to potential disputes.

Employees are also advised to familiarise themselves with the terms of their contract. It is not uncommon for a new hire to sign their contract, only skimming the significant parts pertaining to pay, hours and holiday, in anticipation of starting a new role. Take a read through the document and discuss any questions prior to signing agreement.

Working with an HR consultant to tailor the contracts to the business ensures both the employer and employee have clear contractual terms and summary guidelines regarding the expectations of both parties.

In addition, a Company Handbook is recommended for issue to all employees. This contains copies of all company policies and procedures and is a useful resource for ensuring familiarity with the way in which the Company operates, policies relating to legislative and non legislative employee rights and procedural overviews. The handbook can be issued in hard copy, securely online or via an employee portal where available.

The article also summarises the growing interest in flexible working and the importance of ensuring a flexible working policy is in place and available to all. Flexible working is on the increase with no sign of slowing down. Training managers to effectively handle requests will enable the company to better work with staff throughout this process and consider all options for achieving a prosperous solution for all.

Families magazine is available across various locations throughout Hertfordshire. Look out for a complimentary copy today.

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