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Redundancy Tip #1: Time off

When an employee has been placed at risk of redundancy, it's a worrying time both emotionally and financially.

One of the first reactions many people have from the moment they are placed at risk of redundancy (not yet even having been provided notice) is to begin their job search.

Reaching the point of being placed at notice of redundancy, an employee will likely want to step up their search for a new role or attend interviews for roles they have already applied for.

Who is eligible for additional leave? If an employee has two years continuous service by the end of their redundancy notice period, they are are entitled to take additional time off to look for a job. Without it affecting their holiday entitlement.

The time off has to be reasonable and pre-authorised but does not solely have to be used for time off to look for work or attend interviews. The time can also be used to attend training to help them with their career progression or career change.

Is it paid? Yes. But an employer only has to legally pay an employee up to 40% of their usual salary for this absence.

Some employers may choose to pay full pay or a more generous amount than the 40% minimum.

Employment contracts and company policies may provide information on this. Alternatively, the employer may confirm details of this verbally during the redundancy process.

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