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Redundancy Tip #3: Is it Fair?

Fairness. It is the backbone of any legitimate redundancy process.

So how do you make it fair? When considering redundancies and the selection criteria, it is important to ensure the areas to be used in selection are measurable and objective.

For example;

  • Skills and experience

  • Disciplinary and performance records

  • Attendance records.

These are areas which can be measured consistently and supported by evidence, such as performance reviews, disciplinary sanctions, performance improvement plans, absence concern records, absence scores and more.

And unfair selection? Selection criteria should not be personal to individuals. For instance, areas to avoid would include:

  • Gender

  • Race

  • Age

  • Statutory leave such as maternity and paternity

  • Disabilities

  • Part time working hours

If it is not possible to support an area of your redundancy selection criteria with clear unbiased evidence, it may not be objective or fair.

Contact us for further advice or help reviewing whether your criteria is fair.

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