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Redundancy Tip #6: Breaking the news

Breaking the news of redundancies isn't easy.

There is no doubt that it is a stressful time for those who are at risk of redundancy but it is often assumed that those breaking the news, managers, directors, supervisors, are well equipped and prepared both mentally and professionally for this tricky task.

Those handling the redundancy process may experience anxiety and stress. Particularly if they have not been well briefed on the redundancies and the process.

So how can businesses help and support those dealing with the redundancy process:

  • Know the why - ensure that the person chairing the redundancy process or meetings is fully versed and understands the reasons behind the redundancy decision and business plans.

  • Trained - Has the person received prior training to handle difficult conversations or redundancies? If not, look at options of training or coaching for support.

  • Support - Provide varying options of support for when they are feeling stressed, anxious or need to raise questions themselves. Whether it's someone to talk to, an employee assistance platform, frequent one to ones or temporary flexible working.

  • Understanding the process- This is vital. Assuming that the person handling the redundancy process is fully aware of the policy and procedure can be a costly mistake. Discuss the full process with them, provide a written breakdown and a copy of the redundancy policy for referral.

It is important to provide employees with facts and answers to their questions. Effectively equipping those handling redundancies will enable them to do so and facilitate a smoother, fairer process.

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