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Secret Santa... Are You Getting It Right?

Ho Ho Ho!

It's that time of year, the secret Santa tombola has been drawn and you either have your work best friend or a colleague you haven't been able to get to know yet.

Have no fear! Our secret Santa gift guide will help you to navigate the Do's and Don'ts of secret Santa gift giving.

First things first. The Don't Gift List:

  1. Standard stationery. Even if you have left it to the last minute, raiding the stationery supplies cupboard is not thoughtful and likely frowned upon.

  2. Underwear. Yes it has happened! Guessing which underwear your colleague might like to wear is inappropriate and embarrassing. Being presented with new underwear for all your colleagues to see is the stuff of nightmares.

  3. Underarm and body spray. You might think that your colleague could smell a little fresher, but this is not an opportunity to let them (and the rest of the team) know. Be considerate of others feelings.

  4. That £100 bottle of champagne your boss likes. Exceeding the secret Santa spend limit won't earn you extra brownie points or win you a promotion.

  5. Re-gifted items. Unless it's a brand new unwanted gift that you are certain your colleague will absolutely love, keep the unwanted picture frames, socks and gloves for Ebay.

The Do Give List:

  1. Monogrammed mug or travel cup (There's a decorate your own kit for creatives) The perfect gift for those who travel for work or are always looking for their favourite mug in the office.

  2. Gift Voucher. For when you know a colleagues favourite shop but are unsure what to get them or cannot find something within the agreed price range. Give them the gift of choice at a place they love.

  3. Candle Holder. Scented candles are often a personal preference with a candle smelling like heaven to one person and stagnant water to another. A candle holder adds a little light to the season without offending their sense of smell.

  4. Personalsied or luxury baubles. For those who love Christmas. You can pick up luxury baubles at historic department stores or unique finds at Christmas markets. It's the gift that brings a smile every year.

  5. For Techies. There's a wealth of gifts from portable charges, 3 in 1 camera lenses, rechargeable hand warmers and Bluetooth hats. There's a gadget for everyone.

Keep your gift lighthearted, thoughtful and fun and don't be afraid to ask for a little inspiration from those who may know your nominated colleague a little better if you're stuck for ideas.

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