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What About The Christmas Party?

With work parties looking set to be banned this year, the question many are asking is whether the party can be replaced with an employee gift or bonus?

It's a questions that was recently put forward to Rishi Sunak, by MP Chris Evans, who suggested that employers should be able to pay their employees a bonus up to the value of £200 this year in view of there being no parties. The aim of this being to lift employee spirits and mark the festive season without the annual celebration.

There is still no confirmation or answer in respect of this question. So whilst we await further updates, what alternatives to the Christmas party are currently available to employers?

Employers are able to provide a small non cash bonus to their teams, up to the value of £50 per person. This could previously have been used for gestures such as team Christmas lunches, a bottle of wine or a gift hamper.

So although it may not be possible to dine out or party with the team it is still possible to provide a small gesture of festive cheer and recognition with a gift voucher, hamper or other festive treat.

Some companies are also planning virtual parties to mark the season, where employees receive a box containing food, Christmas decorations and a zoom link to join an online get together or Christmas themed quiz or game.

This year may not be the same in a number of ways but there are ways to continue the festive cheer and celebrate team efforts.

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