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Work After Lockdown

It's the question many businesses and employees are starting to ask.

The pandemic is unknown territory causing ripples in our every day life that have never been experienced before.

Every step taken is a step in to the unknown. Will adjustments to our businesses work? How will it impact our team? Will it be possible to go back to a 'normal' office environment? or a 'normal' building site? How do I keep employees, customers and client's safe?

Although there is no one size fits all answer to these questions, we can use what we know and the facts available to us to start planning how our businesses may operate in the future.

The BBC today reported on a draft government plan providing insight in to some of the measures businesses may be required to comply with when the lock down eases. These included:

  1. Staggered shift times

  2. Reduced hot desking

  3. Continued home working

  4. Virtual meetings

  5. Increased parking to avoid car sharing

  6. Social distancing during work and break times

  7. Reducing shared equipment

The guidelines are yet to be clarified and more information is expected on this in the coming days and weeks. However, this gives us an idea as to the areas that should be considered when reviewing your plan for future working arrangements or re-opening your business.

It will take a considerable amount of time to find a new normal, even once the virus is contained. Planning gives you the advantage of foreseeing possible hurdles, skill gaps or adjustments needed and puts you in the best position to start moving forward.

There are many factors to consider when planning for your business and each plan will be unique, as is each business.

Contact us for a free consultation or conversation on how we can help you to create a business plan for the ease of lock down.

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